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10 Impressive Vegetable Garden Ideas

Having your own vegetable garden is a great way to live sustainably. Just think about it – you don’t have to get out much for groceries because you can just grow them in your own backyard. Even if you don’t have that big of a space at home, you can still grow your own vegetables. Just be inspired by the many vegetable garden ideas out there.

Just like ornamental flower gardens, you can get creative with vegetable gardens. There is also an increase in the popularity of growing your own greens because it allows people to save money and eat clean and healthy. Growing your own food also means you know where it comes from and you know exactly how it’s grown and what goes in it.

Are you considering growing your own vegetables? Do you want to see a certain spot in your backyard filled with beautiful greens that you can just pick out whenever you like? Whether you’re growing veggies to save on grocery bills or you just love the sight of it, here are vegetable garden ideas to check out.

#1. Hanging Gardens

A hanging vegetable garden is a great idea if you want to save some space. You can hang wooden planters and have a variety of veggies in each planter. With a sturdy metal frame, you can come up with a stylish hanging vegetable garden, depending on the money you’re willing to spend.

#2. Bed of Vegetables

When you grow a variety of vegetables, they might look unsightly and messy. This might not be good for a well-maintained yard. However, you can still go for vegetable patches on your manicured lawn, as long as you see to it that you keep up with the maintenance. Group similar vegetable types together so your vegetable beds won’t look unattractive.

#3. Vegetable Pallet

Go DIY with old pallets! Wooden pallets are excellent as stylish planters for your vegetable garden. If you need vertical gardens, pallets are a great material for your DIY project. They can also be hung using sturdy hooks.

#4. Vegetable Garden in a Box

A vegetable box is one of the simplest vegetable garden ideas you can go with. With an old crate, you can already re-purpose it into box garden filled with different kinds of greens. A great tip is to place the box on wheels as it gets heavy when filled with soil. When you put some wheels on your vegetable box, you can easily move it around so that your greens can get the amount of sunshine they need.

#5. Raised Beds

Raised beds make your vegetable garden look clean and part of the landscape. Usually, raised vegetable beds are only a few inches from the ground but that shouldn’t stop you from taking it higher up. This way, you can protect your veggies from wildlife that may be interested in them.

#6. Vegetable Room

A vegetable room can also mean greenhouses, dedicated only for edible plants. The humidity in greenhouses is ideal for the healthy growth of vegetables. Your greens tend to thrive more inside than when they’re in an open space. Having a greenhouse filled with vegetables will also add beauty to your yard.

#7. Table Garden

There are planting tables for sale and they come in various sizes. They may be portable and you can easily move them around but they tend to be shallow and are not suitable for veggies that need more space beneath the soil to grow.

#8. Green Wall

Got limited space but would love to have a vegetable garden? Putting wall planters is the solution. Other than hanging your plants via wooden planters on a metal frame, you can also screw them on the wall. If you need to grow your produce upwards, make sure you have enough space in between planters.

#9. Vertical Garden with Pipes

Another idea to save space with vertical gardens is to place your produce in pipes. There are different ways to approach vertical gardening, especially in homes with limited floor spaces. One of the DIY vertical planters you can go for is using pipes.

#10. Container Garden

This has to be one of the most common vegetable garden ideas. Putting produce in containers can be an opportunity for you to showcase your collection of unique and beautiful containers. You can be playful with container shapes and colors and place them on stylish shelves out on your deck or patio.

Which of these beautiful vegetable garden ideas do you like? Let us know in the comments below.


Beautiful Small Swimming Pool Designs For Limited Yard Space

Small swimming pool designs that will fit in every tiny yard.

Having your own swimming pool in your backyard is a real treat specially in hot summer days. It often requires a significant slice on your budget for the maintenance, but the addition of a swimming pool in your home will definitely increase the value of your property. Your house and its landscape will display a luxurious and attractive aura, not to mention the relaxing vacation vibes on your backyard.

Choosing the right pool size primarily depends on the available space in the yard and your budget. You must take into consideration the existing style of your house and its landscape, whether it is modern, rustic style etc. Additional features like hydromassage further complement the relaxing feeling when staying in the pool.

Adding a swimming pool can be expensive and high maintenance, but don’t let that squash your dreams of floating around in your own backyard pool on a hot summer day. Even the tiniest homes can incorporate a small swimming pool into their limited space. The key is to find the perfect spot that will highlight the pool without taking away the rest of your yard.

While some people thinks the bigger the swimming pool, the better. This is not entirely true all the time. You can absolutely add a cute and gorgeous small swimming pool, even if you have a limited space on your yard.

With a small swimming pool, you’ll instantly up the cool factor of your outdoor space and be able to enjoy relaxation on your pool as much as you like any time, all from the comfort and privacy of your home.

So if you are planning to make a small swimming pool in your yard, this is the right time to start to preparing. Take a look our amazing collection of small swimming pool designs that will fit in every tiny yard!

#1. Small corner pool

#2. Small rectangular pool with water feature

#3. Small circular pool with spa massage

#4. Small swimming pool outside the masters bedroom

#5. Small swimming pool outside the bedroom with swing

#6. Small irregular-shaped corner pool

#7. Small swimming pool with water features

#8. A secret pool within the privacy of your home

#9. This tiny swimming pool makes the small yard appear spacious.

#10. Perfect for a private pool party.

#11. Small circular swimming pool

#12. Gorgeous tiny pool on the side of the house

#13. Tiny pool at the back of the house

#14. Tiny pool in front of the porch

#15. Tiny swimming pool on the side yard.

#16. Tiny swimming pool with water features

#17. Irregular shape pool to maximize the space.

#18. Even the tiniest swimming pool can add luxurious look to your yard

#19. Add some privacy plants and you will have a perfect place to relax

#20. A tiny swimming pool makes your yard less boring.

#21. And it adds value to your home.

#22. Tiny swimming pool adds a hotel vibes to your home.

#23. And its a perfect highlight on your yard’s landscape

#24. Water features like this creates a relaxing waterfall ambiance

#25. If planned carefully, the placement will be perfect and stunning

#26. Even if it’s bare, a tiny swimming pool will still look gorgeous.

#27. A tiny swimming pool on the rooftop.

#28. This small backyard swimming pool is perfect for date nights.

#29. An L-shaped tiny swimming pool.

#30. A small but adorable swimming pool

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4 Benefits of Having a Multi-Level Landscape

Sloped backyard? Not a problem!

Having a sloped backyard should not hold you back from having that dream garden landscaping. You can see some of the inspiring beauty of a multi-level landscape in our previous post. But beyond that visual appeal, multi-level landscaping offers so much more. If you have a sloped backyard, you can still make it work. All you need is some inspiration, a landscape architect’s help, and understanding the benefits of having a multi-level landscape.

#1. Making the most out of the unevenness

The unevenness of a sloped backyard is what makes it an asset. A multi-garden landscape will make the most out of those slopes and hills, giving the impression of flow and movement. You can have a garden that’s either winding or terraced. That’s something unique – and definitely not boring.

#2. View at eye-level

In a flat garden, you’ll notice that the features that catch your attention are usually on the ground. But when you have a multi-level landscape, these same features can be viewed at eye-level. You don’t have to stoop down just to admire your greens and blossoms – you simply stand there and be in awe of their beauty.

#3. Have a wall of plant

One of the most important benefits of having a multi-level landscape is that it sees the potential of unused zones in the yard. Fences and walls are beautified with plants, with hanging planters being the popular choice. But another way you can have dimension to your backyard is by planting vines that will creep up the fences or walls. And once they thrive, you’ll have a gorgeous and dreamy wall of plant.

#4. More opportunities for growing a garden

A multi-level garden can be every gardener’s dream as it offers a lot of opportunities for growing greens and other plant materials. You’re not restricted to just using the ground to plant your blooms. For instance, the landscape architect can throw in some permanent container gardens while keeping your ideal design in mind. When placed in a cluster or on its own, the container garden can be a point of interest in your yard.

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13 Multi-Level Landscape Design Ideas For A Gorgeous Backyard

Multi-level landscape design can be tricky to achieve but it’s one of the best ways you can decorate your yard to turn it into an entertaining space for your family and guests. There may be unique garden designs to copy or you can use garden mirrors to add that appeal to your backyard, but when you have a sloped backyard, you might think of it as a drawback.

When you have a plan and a workable design, you’ll realize that it can be an asset to have a sloped backyard as you can always do some multi-level landscape designing. That way, you can use the area’s potential and provide a dramatic effect for your backyard.

Having different heights in your backyard gives you an opportunity to work on different focal points. Also, by working on multi-level landscape design, you are taking this work of art to a new level and avoid having a backyard that looks too predictable.

Keep in mind, though, that designing a sloped backyard can entail different materials, that it might be a great idea to hire a professional to do the job. Working with a landscape designer ensures you are guided throughout the planning process and when picking out the right style.

Need some ideas on your next gardening project? Give your outdoor space a remarkable look using multi-level landscape design. If you want to achieve a much different garden design, you have to consider having this type of landscaping. Check out the photos below for some inspiration.


Don’t let an inclined garden discourage you from building your very own dreamy backyard. Use your imagination and your backyard’s potential to create a stunning garden that’s unique, exceptional and will be loved by you and your family. Working on your multi-level gardens may have some challenges but the rewards are guaranteed.

Which of the photos appeal to you?

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