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16 Unique Modern House Entrance Design Ideas

Modern house entrance designs for your inspirations.

The house entrance is a very special place—not only is it one of the most visible areas, but also the place where people welcome and say goodbyes. In a more decorative aspect, there are some mistakes people often make that affect how this particular area looks.

The entrance of any house is one of the most important aspects from the point of view of comfort, efficiency, and creating a good first impression. Although an entrance is usually built around the main door, their are a host of other features such as landscaping or lighting design that can lead to a impressive entrance.

Entrance doors are usually built of wood, metal, or a combination of both. This way, the users can achieve higher efficiency as well as potentially a better quality of design.

There are many options when it comes to the design, model or structure of the house entrance or gate. They are as varied as the amount of materials possible for this. Each one can adapt to the style you want to give it, be it minimalist, modern, industrial, ecological, among others. Here we will leave you some ideas that can serve as inspiration for your home.


Modern House Entrance ideas 1


Modern House Entrance ideas 2


Modern House Entrance ideas 3


Modern House Entrance ideas 4


Modern House Entrance ideas 5


Modern House Entrance ideas 6


Modern House Entrance ideas 7


Modern House Entrance ideas 8


Modern House Entrance ideas 9


Modern House Entrance ideas 10


Modern House Entrance ideas 11


Modern House Entrance ideas 12


Modern House Entrance ideas 13


Modern House Entrance ideas 14


Modern House Entrance ideas 15


Modern House Entrance ideas 16

House Designs

17 Gorgeous Balcony Designs Perfect For Urban Dwellers

Designing a balcony doesn’t have to only involve putting a few pretty chairs and a table. If you give much consideration to balcony designs, you just might create a new favorite spot in the house.

With planning, you can turn that outdoor space into a paradise for relaxation and meditation. You don’t even need a big budget for this kind of home project. There are just a lot of decorative items and objects that can be placed in the balcony and turn it into a gorgeous spot.

Vases and pots are quite common because the balcony is a perfect place to put some greens in. But carpets and pillows, and even lighting are just as perfect. You have to choose the items carefully based on what you like. Don’t just use your balcony as a storage space. It doesn’t even matter if you have a small or large – there’s always a way to transform this space.

If you are planning to restore your balcony or you just want another spot in the house where you can relax, check out some of these inspiring balcony designs.



Putting a run on your balcony makes the place look more spacious. An artificial grass rug gives your balcony the urban garden look. Meanwhile, choosing a rug with the right print and colors creates the illusion that you have a bigger space.





Put up a hammock, some pillows and a rug with warm and earthy colors and you’ll have a Bohemian balcony where you can relax and meditate.





Choose chairs that are lightweight, so you can move them around if you please. At the same time, find one that is also comfy enough to sit on.





Turn your balcony into a lounge area where you can read your favorite books in peace. There are space-saving solutions that can help with maximizing your balcony and making it functional as well.



String up some lights or even put out tea lights to make for a magical balcony. Add in fluffy pillows and blankets and you might just have the coziest spot in your home, second to your bedroom.





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7 Tips To Design an Energy-Efficient Home

The design of your home can have an impact on the environment. And if you’re conscious about protecting our only planet, you would want to have an energy-efficient home. When it comes to this, you think about the basics – installing solar panels and having fixtures that use as little energy as possible.

While using the aforementioned methods does reduce environmental impact, there is still another way to have an eco-friendly home. Your house’s design also improves sustainability and further reduces your impact. Here are tips on how you can have a more energy-efficient home.

#1. House size

A smaller home is basically considered more eco-friendly than a bigger one. However, size is not the only thing to consider to have an energy-efficient abode. A two-level stacked house with smaller square footage is much more energy-efficient compared to a single-level sprawling house. If you want a sustainable home, think of how much space you need to have and figure out how you can conserve more energy. If you can have everything you need in a smaller space, you’ll be increasing sustainability.

#2. Passive design

Design your home to be passive – you need a house that can look after itself. A house that receives more sunlight during winter means you don’t spend a lot on heating appliances. Windows that are strategically placed to allow in cool breeze means you don’t need to spend much on cooling appliances.

#3. Smart home

Automating the processes in your home may be an expensive way to design a home. However, if you want an eco-friendly place, technology may be able to help. If you automate your home, all processes that waste energy can be minimized. Your home will adjust according to what’s mostly used in your home. Having a smart home is not only convenient but it’s also energy-efficient.

#4. Recycled materials

Building a home in itself is not quite eco-friendly as you need to think about the construction materials delivered to your place. Sure you are going for more sustainable design, but the manufacture and delivery of the materials already have an impact on the environment. To remedy this, going for reclaimed or recycled materials for your energy-efficient home project is a smart choice. Further, reduce your environmental footprint by asking around for the materials from local builders or checking out classified ads. Your contractor can also offer recycled alternatives.

#5. Sustainable landscaping

If you want greeneries in your property, you need plants that thrive best in the climate of your area. Doing so means you get to save energy and water while rearing them. You can also go for trees that offer shade in your home and if you plant them, make sure they block out the scorching heat of the sun so you wouldn’t have to turn up the A/C on full blast during hot months. At the same time, make sure the trees also allow in sunlight during winter months.

#6. Lighting

Indoor lighting takes up so much energy if you don’t consider energy-efficient options. You’re not only burdened by electric bills but also the fact that you need to buy and switch out the bulbs from time to time. To go around this, inform your architect to design a home that takes advantage of natural lighting. LED lights are also a great option for a more sustainable lighting for your home. They may be more expensive but they last longer and consume less electricity.

#7. Proper insulation

When it comes to having an energy-efficient home, insulation is one of the most important things to consider. Without proper insulation, most of the heat in your house will escape through the walls and roof. Having a properly-insulated home not only means you get to save on energy bills but also you’ll be reducing your environmental impact.

A house with effective insulation means you don’t have to tinker with your thermostat every now and then. You also get to experience few uncomfortable temperature fluctuations and spend less energy to live comfortably.

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35 Beautiful Treehouse Design Ideas For Grown-Ups and Kids

Who says treehouses are only for kids?

As a kid, you may have imagined having your own treehouse where you can spend time relaxing and chilling out with your friends and retreat to a secret place where all your cool stuff is hidden. But who says treehouses are just for kids? Even as an adult, treehouses can be cool and what’s more awesome is that it’s easy to realize this dream.

Top House Designs compiles these cool and striking treehouse design ideas to inspire you – whether you need one as your private office or a fun haven for your kids.

#1. Treehouse with swing and a breathtaking view

#2. Relaxing tree pods

#3. Modern tree house in Seattle with an access bridge

#4. Stylish and sophisticated

#5. Large mid-century treehouse in Los Angeles

#6. Contemporary backyard treehouse

#7. Simple design with beautiful cherry blossoms view

#8. Treehouse in a National Park

#9. Cute blue house in the middle of the forest

#10. Simple kid’s tree house

#11 Rustic modish house in Colorado

#12. Wave-shaped design

#13. Up in the trees overlooking South African lions

#14. Unique contemporary design

#15.  Perfect for the entire family

#16.  Barrel-shaped with a view deck

#17. Your sanctuary up in the trees

#18. Reignite your childhood dream

#19. An exhilarating climb to the top

#20. Rustic treehouse as an office

Impressive treehouse designs, aren’t they? These stunning structures will undeniably make your property the coolest one around. Kids, as well as adults, will consider these treehouses the best place to be. But while they can appear modern and stylish, wait until you see some of the beautiful interior designs.












These design ideas are perfect for your DIY project. Your family is guaranteed to love having a treehouse around. Some of them are like houses where you can live in, while others are designed to be a private space or an office or simply a viewing deck to relax in. These buildings are great for kids but adults will surely enjoy them as well.


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