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Tiny Row House Transformed Into Beautiful Contemporary Home

Take a look at how this run down narrow house transformed into something special

A renovation project signed by Estúdio BRA Arquitectura in Sao Paulo, Brazil, transformed an old family house with the typical compartmentalised spaces of the past into an airy and spacious building, with a green rooftop also hosting a vegetable garden.

The Pirajá House is located in Pinheiros, a fine neighbourhood of Sao Paulo. Before the urban development of the Brazilian metropolis, this area was dominated by a thick sub-tropical forest whose green memories are evoked by the renovation project signed by André Di Gregorio and Rodrigo Maçonilio, two young architects and urban planners who founded Estúdio BRA Arquitectura in 2012 in Sao Paulo.

In order for the house to adapt to contemporary living, the architects demolished the old structure.

And decided to keep only its structural brick walls, which are made of solid brick to then create a new building, more in line with the needs of modern life.

After the demolition, the urban plot measuring 4 × 24 meters was divided into three levels: ground, upper and garden cover. Downstairs is the kitchen, living room, garden and barbecue. The route starts at the frontal retreat in which the landscaping formed by native species of the Atlantic forest makes the arrival at home seductive.

On the ground floor, after the grey steel gate opens, the family who now owns the house, a young couple and their dog, only needs to cross a small patio to enter shared, convivial spaces; from the kitchen, whose furniture was designed by the architects, they can step in the living room and then to the garden, where there also is a barbecue area.

The very protagonist of the garden is an adult Jabuticaba (Myrciaria cauliflora) that provides the family with great shade and sweet fruits.

The dining table next to the marble island organizes the kitchen on one side and the circulation of those going to the living area on the other. The kitchen consists of furniture designed in woodwork by the architects, hydraulic tile floors and stone countertops.

The two bedrooms and their two bathrooms are on the first floor and can be reached using a stair made of two independent elements: polished concrete and folded sheet metal.

The metal stair also reaches the usable rooftop that can be accessed from an automated hatch.

The rooftop was conceived as an integral element of the house and was in turn divided into different zones: a wooden deck, a solarium and a small lawn.

On one of the sides, the architects of Estúdio BRA Arquitectura created a small technical volume hosting the laundry, so as to avoid taking away valuable space from the rest of the interiors.

To be fully in line with the needs of contemporary living and to live a really sustainable life, the rooftop also hosts a small vegetable garden where fresh produce can be grown.

Casa Pirajá by Estúdio BRA Arquitectura is an example of renovation of an existing building that was performed in full respect of the urban context, where contemporary language nods to the modernist past of Brazil.

Photos by: Maíra Acayaba

House Designs

Modern Single-Story House With Hip Roof Design

A very spacious single story house.

This contemporary single story house consists of three bedrooms and two bathrooms with a living space of 165 square meters.

This house design is typical for places that are prone to flood because it is elevated a few steps higher than the ground. This elevation is about one meter high, which does not only makes the appearance look more beautiful but provides protection from flooding.

There is no attached carport like what the usual house designs have but this house design is perfect for lots with extra space, so you can always build a garage if you want.

The glass windows make the interior naturally bright because of the natural light coming from the sun. They are also a good source of ventilation.

As you enter from the main sliding door, you will be greeted by the combined living room, dining room, and kitchen areas.

These three areas are combined to maximize the floor area in the house.

From the kitchen, there is a back door leading to the other terrace. This terrace can be used as a service area, a dirty kitchen or a laundry area.

There are also three bedrooms in this house: A bigger one which can be used as a Master’s Bedroom as it has an ensuite toilet and bath as well as two smaller rooms for the other occupants of the house.

The bedrooms are spacious enough to accommodate a full-size bed, bedside tables, and built-in cabinets.

All the bathrooms in this house are spacious.

They can fit a lavatory, a toilet bowl, some storage cabinets, and even a bathtub.

Let’s see the designs of each rooms here:

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House Designs

Modern Single-Story Loft House With Polished Cement Finish

Loft is a type for modern urban style which is characterized by an abundance of open space and industrial elements such as a very high ceilings, raw brick walls, exposed beams and pipes, cement floor, etc.

In recent years, this style has become a widely popular trend all over the world. Loft house designs are mainly chosen by creative, freedom-loving people who appreciate practicality, creativity, and minimalism.

Just like this single-story house which is designed and constructed by BR Company. The bare and polished cement finish gives this house a beautiful, raw, and charming look.

The ample-sized glass doors and windows allow natural light to enter the house.

In front of the house, the spacious front steps connects to an open terrace which serves as an outdoor lounge and has enough space for a couple of chairs. A perfect place to enjoy a quiet beautiful evening or have a good party with friends.

The design of the house is simple yet outstandingly beautiful, slightly elevated to protect the property against possible floods.

The interior walls utilizes the same elegant polished cement finish in every room. The resulting gray-toned color from the walls is balanced by the radiance of the white-toned ceiling and floor.

The interior of the living room is decorated in a simple but elegant style. The tall windows and glass doors gives a resort-like feeling and a relaxing atmosphere.

The two-layer curtains in white and dark gray compliments the simple aesthetic of the living room.

The receiving area is quite spacious and airy, which welcomes the visitors upon entering the house.

The bedrooms are also in bare cement finish which might look cold but the wood-patterned floor provides a warm and homey feeling.

This modern loft style house consists of 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 108 square meters of living area which is 10 meters wide and 11.5 meters long.

The master bedroom has high windows on both sides, all are protected by mosquito screens so you can sleep peacefully at night with the windows open if you want to feel the cold midnight breeze.

As for the bathroom, the walls are also in polished cement finish. The floor is laid with gray tiles. Along with good quality sanitary wares.

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House Designs

Small Elegant Modern Home With Minimalist Zen House Design

This elevated single-story house is a small home designed to meet the needs of a limited budget.

This single-story house might be small but it has spacious rooms and is structurally adequate. The relaxing, natural colors support the large spaces and have the power to offer to the soul the pleasure of returning to nature.

Although the house is squeezed next to each other in the neighborhood, ecological functions are available.

The kitchen and living room are open and interconnected. Zen design is characterized by low furniture and straight lines. Its simplicity achieves harmony and tranquility. Everything superfluous is omitted. The color palette – soothing.

Check out the photos of this small elegant modern home with minimalist Zen house design.

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