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40+ Modern House Designs With Elegant Glass Doors and Windows


With these lovely inspiring house designs, you can see how glass materials can add sophistication to your home. Which of these designs is your favorite?

House Designs

7 Benefits of Using Tempered Glass For Your Home

Safety is a top priority when designing houses. With all the modern tools available today, it’s rather easy to improve on the safety of your home. One of the things you can do to make sure you have the safest place for your family is to consider using tempered glass. The benefits of using tempered glass are plentiful, which is why it’s a favorite material for home designing.

Tempered glass is made by treating glass with chemicals or heat. This process toughens up the glass for improved durability. Not only are they popularly used as screen protectors for your mobile devices but they are also great for improving home security. To appreciate tempered glass more, here are 7 benefits of using them and why you should consider having them for your home.

#1. Improved safety

This has to be the most obvious benefit of tempered glass as it is so strong, it is able to resist breakage. Compared to regular glass, tempered glass doesn’t break into sharp shards that cause deep cuts. This prevents cases of serious injury to dwellers when the glass does break.

#2. Durable

This is not to say tempered glass will not break but if it does, it’s safer as mentioned. However, being a strengthened material, it is less likely to break. Tempered glass resists blows, scratches and even strong winds, which make it ideal for high-rise buildings.

#3. Damage resistant

Why not try going for a tempered glass door. Commercial buildings use glass for windows, doors and partitions since it offers more scratch resistance than regular glass. This means it can stand wear and tear. When you have this glass in your home, expect that your home will stay flawless and sleek for a longer period of time.

4. Heat Resistant

The treatment process that a tempered glass goes through makes it more heat resistant than traditional glass. That said, its ability to withstand high temperatures when exposed to heat protects it from breakage. For this very reason, tempered glass is a popular material to be used in bathrooms where hot tubs and hot showers are used.

5. Variety of applications

Because of the abovementioned characteristics of tempered glass, it has become an excellent choice of material for different designs, including frameless glass structures. If you want a smart and modern home, using tempered glass is a great idea.

6. Creative design

Tempered glass can complement whatever style of home you choose due to the availability of patterned options. You can go for clear-colored glass, frosted, patterned or even engraved styles!

7. High-quality crystal clear glass

Use tempered glass for shower doors, cabinet doors, windows, and even partitions and you can be assured of its top glass quality that offers clarity.

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House Designs

25 Lovely Christmas Balcony Decor Ideas

Dress up your balcony with these lovely Christmas balcony decor ideas.

You may not have a garden or a terrace in your small city apartment, but decorating to feel that holiday cheer is still possible when you have a balcony – just put some lovely Christmas balcony decor and surely you’ll feel that Christmassy vibe in your home.

There are different clever ways to approach Christmas balcony decor ideas, such as putting up colorful garlands, ornaments here and there, the classic wreaths and twinkling Christmas lights. If you want a more natural rustic style, you can go for tree branches like fir and eucalyptus. 

It’s fun when you think about decorating your balcony just in time for the holidays. Don’t know where to start or you just need some inspiration? Check out these brilliant Christmas balcony decor ideas.


Nothing compares to the beauty of a Christmas tree, especially when placed on the balcony and adorned with twinkling lights. The size of the tree you need to get will depend on the area size of your balcony to make it look effective. Having a Christmas tree on the balcony is made even more perfect if you have a picturesque view, like beaches or mountains.

Want to add a refreshing Christmas look to the balcony? You can do this by adorning the area with simple raw garlands of greens. Add them to the balcony grills or have them in pots. Top them off with golden lights and you sure will have a balcony that’s cozy, simple yet filled with the Christmas vibe.

You can also opt for a winter wonderland vibe even from your balcony. Just lay out lots of white faux fur rugs – on the floor and on your outdoor sofa – a mini Christmas tree, fairy or string lights, sheer white curtain, a chandelier, and hints of greens here and there.

Here are more inspiring photos of Christmas balcony decor ideas to impress you.

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House Designs

15 Christmas Decor Ideas For Your Porch

Need to set the mood for Christmas? Start with your porch. Check out these lovely Christmas decor ideas for your porch.

Christmas may be months away, but that doesn’t have to stop you from thinking about putting up decorations that early. If you are thrilled by the spirit of Christmas, why not put those festive decors up? If you want to set the mood early on, you can start by looking through different Christmas decor ideas for your porch.

Starting with your porch is the perfect way to evoke the merry and jolly spirit of Christmas. It’s where you’ll be welcoming your guests and also the place where you can sit and relax and enjoy a good book or a hot cup of coffee.

Putting up Christmas decors on your porch doesn’t always have to be flashy and all bright with lights. There are still minimal Christmas decor ideas for your porch that can make the exterior of your home look lovely.

There’s always a way for everyone to get in the mood for Christmas. If you want to cover your porch with different colorful festive decor or you just want to keep it low by putting up a simple classic wreath on the door, you might want to check out the photos below for some inspiration.

#1. Adorn your windows with wreaths and banisters with garlands.
#2. Christmas trees don’t have to be kept inside the home always. Let it out.
#3. Make your porch feel cozier by adding softer textures like pillows and scarves.
#4. Got a wraparound porch? Decorate it with garlands.
#5. Give an extra welcome to your guests by providing festive food on your porch.
#6. Green is for Christmas!
#7. Get that serene look by having decor and accents of neutral colors.
#8. Green and red are, no doubt, Christmas colors, but you can add some blue for a wintry feel.
#9. Decorate with a vintage feel.
#10. Little Christmas trees…
#11. Garlands with other Christmas decor – plus a touch of natural decorative elements
#12. Stuff Christmas ornaments inside lanterns…
#13. The classic Christmas decors…
#14. Bright lights on branches…
#15. Going the extreme when it comes to minimalist Christmas decor
#16. Keeping it subtle by decorating lights on the porch.
#17. Hang a string of lights…
#18. Have a candy cane-inspired look by wrapping pillars with lights
#19. Decors like these can still be used even after the holidays.
#20. DIY a wooden Christmas tree adorned with lights…
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