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Beautiful Minimalist Architecture House in a Sloped Lot

One of the best minimalist architecture house created by Californian studio XTEN Architecture. The 4,500 square foot modern project, located in Hollywood Hills, California, includes open-house architecture, embedded into a sloping property, which is an interesting architecture solution. Perfectly integrated into the landscape, it is precisely this feature of the gorgeous minimalist architecture house makes it possible to create gardens on two levels.

The wall enclosure of this minimalist architecture house is composed of forty-four sliding glass panels. They are designed to disappear into special hidden pockets and thus they allow a great view to the exterior terraces and gardens. The interior space of minimalist architecture house boasts a lightness and purity of design lines.

The floor coverings which covers the entire house is called cut pebble flooring. It encompasses all the floors in the building, including the decks and terraces. There is a great fireplace with minimalist forms in the open space living area. Thanks to its open form of the premises, the modern architecture house offers great extras.

The dining area is furnished very simply – only with a wooden table and benches, which contributes to the overall feeling of a complete merging with nature. The picture is reinforced by the rich decoration with green plants, located on the terrace. The modern architecture house disposes also with a wonderful internal staircase with an exquisite design. Of course, the surprises do not end here. See photos below and you will find more many other lovely corners.

Minimalist Architecture House 1

Minimalist Architecture House 2

Minimalist Architecture House 3

Minimalist Architecture House 4

Minimalist Architecture House 5

Minimalist Architecture House 6

Minimalist Architecture House 7

Minimalist Architecture House 8

Minimalist Architecture House 9

Minimalist Architecture House 10

Minimalist Architecture House 11

Minimalist Architecture House 12

Minimalist Architecture House 13

Minimalist Architecture House 14

Minimalist Architecture House 15

Minimalist Architecture House 16

Minimalist Architecture House 17

Minimalist Architecture House 18

Minimalist Architecture House 19

Minimalist Architecture House 20

Minimalist Architecture House 21

House Designs

20 Stunning Lakehouse Designs

Having a house near the water give you the best of both worlds. If you want a unique house design, and at the same time, you love nature, checking out lakehouse designs is just what you need to do. There is a houseboat you can go for but nothing beats floating houses and houses situated by the lake. These houses give you the feeling of being in the water but you get to be in an actual house.

A lakehouse gives you a stunning view of a lake (or even ocean) and the nature that surrounds it. What’s awesome is that many lakehouse designs are affordable compared to traditional homes.

Benefits of Living in Floating Houses and Lakehouses

Most floating homes are generally less costly compared to concrete homes because of the materials used. In some states, there is no need to pay property taxes because a floating home is not considered as “real property.” Most floating house and lakehouse designs are equipped to deal with flood and the rising water levels.

The floating structures can easily be moved if you don’t happen to like your neighbor or the area. Most importantly, you get that satisfaction of being connected with nature. Have you considered a house on or beside the water? Maybe you would once you get to check out these gorgeous lakehouse designs.

Cool, Modern Floating House Designs
Gorgeous and Unique Lakehouse Designs

The trend is increasing for floating homes and more people are interested to have a life on the water. Being near or on the water is peaceful and serene; it also offers fascinating scenery. It doesn’t matter if your home is situated on the water or beside it – the experience can be breathtaking. Although these floating house and lakehouse designs can be inspiring, it’s not for everyone and there are people who would still rather go for traditional homes.

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House Designs

33 Dreamy Houses in The Woods To Captivate You

Dreamy houses in the woods are a great idea for anyone who doesn’t mind retreating to an isolated place. Sure, living in a bustling city can be fun and going off the grid might not be an option for you, but when it comes to a fulfilling R&R, a cabin by the woods will be perfect.

What’s great about these dreamy houses in the woods is not only the fact that you get to live in isolation, away from the crowd and noise, but also because you get to be one with nature. You also get to hear the sounds and see the beauty of nature – and perhaps, smell the clean air.

These houses can also be profited from. If you own one, you can put it up as a vacation home for rent during the holidays. Do you want to build your own dream home in the woods and live peacefully? Do you want to build one so you can offer it for rent and earn money? Whatever the case, check out the photos below for some inspiration.

Your free time is best spent in a tranquil dreamy house in the woods. You can breathe clean air, you can enjoy everything beautiful nature has to offer. If you are interested in building a house in the woods, remember that the house should be made as part of nature, not as an imposing structure.

There are different styles of dreamy houses in the woods that will surely make your jaw drop. Many architects incorporated modern home designs that are surrounded by nature using glass, steel and wood to create that sophisticated houses with spectacular nature views. If you prefer a more rustic feel, a wooden cabin by the woods would definitely be perfect. Whatever style suits your taste, these house designs will surely make you wish you’ll live a life experiencing the great outdoors more.

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House Designs

42 Practical Storage Ideas for Your Balcony

Living in an apartment in a big city can be limiting because of the size of your home. If you happen to live in a small house in the middle of a bustling city, you might face some challenges in trying to organize your home. You would even think of storing things on your balcony but might be unsure how to do it. There are some cool storage ideas for your balcony that might just work for you.

If your apartment has a small balcony, you can still take advantage of the space and turn it into a storage space without sacrificing its appeal. One of the best ideas for storing things on your balcony is to put up shelves. It is the most popular and common way to store things so it might be great for your balcony.

Another storage idea for your balcony is using furniture that can be used as a storage space. Customized benches and sofas are popular these days. Many people have them made so they not only serve as furniture but one where things can be stored away. Depending on the size of your balcony, you can have a large or smaller bench or sofa; you can also have a narrow or a wide one. Check out some of the storage ideas to beautify your balcony and make it functional.

Benches or Outdoor Sofas With Storage Space


























Other Storage Ideas For Your Balcony

Benches and sofas with storage spaces are not the only decorative furniture that you can use to beautify your balcony. As mentioned, shelves and cabinets do wonders in the outdoor space. Crates can also be used to add some rustic flair to your balcony. If you can’t have indoor gardening, the balcony can also be a wonderful area to place all your pots and planters. Check out some of these clever ideas for your balcony and be inspired!



















Which among these storage ideas for your balcony is your favorite?  Let us know!

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