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13 Lovely Hallway Decorating Tips for Christmas

It’s time to get ready for the Christmas spirit and if you haven’t started decorating yet, you should now. The hallway is just one of the best places to prep your home for the holidays. For that, you need inspiration so you can start with hallway decorating for Christmas.

As you’ll be welcoming guests into your door, impress them or even make them feel cozy in your home with brilliant hallway Christmas decorations. With these Hallway decorating tips, you will instantly feel the festive spirit the moment you walk in through that front door.

#1. Use foliage to beautify your banister
#2. Why not use paper lanterns as decor?
#3. A bench in the hallway still needs that festive touch
#4. Another magical effect is to use pillar lights on stairs
#5. Be that hospitable host that offers guests warm tea choices (or even liquor) as they walk in
#6. Garlands on the door adorned by string lights always feel magical
#7. Got a window seat as a reading nook? Adorn with wintry or Christmas decors
#8. Don’t forget gold accents

As the hallway serves the welcoming spot in your home, it is important to decorate it, especially on Christmas. Friends and family are coming over so expect that there will be a lot of action in this part of your home. Hallway decorating for Christmas is all about creating that welcoming and warm environment for everyone who’s going into and out of the house so they will arrive and leave feeling the Christmas spirit.

But before anything else, the first step is to declutter your hallway so that only the decor and lighting remain. That way, you can ensure that the decorations are doing their purpose to stand out. Keep console table clear or only adorned with festive decor.

#9. Garlands and wreath are must-haves
#10. Always consider wintry, cozy palettes
#11. Twinkling fairy lights here and there…
#12. Fancy some country Christmas vibe?
#13. Simple but full of festive spirit
#14. Apart from decors, it’s important to declutter the hallway.
#15. Decorate the hall with a tiny tree.

Interior Designs

9 Best Paint Color Choices For Every Room, According to Science

Does an orange home office sound great to you?

Sometimes, choosing the right color for the home interior can be challenging. Even if you’ve already gone through the appropriate paint color choices and picked the most favorite out of them all, it may not feel right especially if you want to set the mood for each room.

Not to mention, there are so many shades of each color to choose from. What can you do then? Working with an interior designer is one sure way you’re going to get the right color for each area in your house. Also, science has got your back. Below are the best paint color choices for each room and the psychology behind it.

#1. For busy spaces that will remind you to calm, choose pink

Pink is often associated with femininity, which is why it is associated with qualities like compassion, kindness and softness. This is why it is a good paint color choice for evoking serenity and calmness. That said it’s a good color for rooms that should remind you to relax, breathe and stay calm. While the soothing effect of pink has been proven, researchers say that the effect only presents at the first color exposure. Once people get used to it, the color tends to become unpleasant.

#2. Go for green for gender-neutral nurseries

More and more parents advocate for gender-neutral parenting these days. If you’re one of them, and you want to avoid the usual boy=blue; girls=pink nursery colors, go for green instead. It evokes a sense of balance, plus it’s the color of nature. Not only will green work for nurseries, but it can be one of the best paint color choices for any room in your home.

#3. Yellow for Kitchens

For a more palatable experience, eat in the kitchen that’s colored yellow. Yellow seems to boost appetite and increases energy levels. If you hate mornings, then why not try to grab some breakfast, sit in the yellow kitchen and observe how you’ll be more motivated and enthusiastic about eating your morning meal.

#4. Dining rooms are better in white

White is an ultimate favorite color when it comes to interiors, but it is the best for dining rooms. While there are different shades, the best one to go for is one with a warmer tone if you want your dining room to have a welcoming and inviting atmosphere.

#5. Use bold red for extra motivation in your home gym

Got a home gym? You got to admit – some days it will be very tiring to break a sweat and some days you’ll lose motivation. But when you paint the home gym with bold red shades, then you’re likely to add energy to the room. Plus, red inspires you to improve your physical performance.

#6. A silver entryway?

Your entryway will be an area of first impressions. Gray is synonymous with unemotional, making a room appear reserved. Use this, or perhaps a silvery-white hue, as the color for your entryway for that calming vibe for anyone who enters your home.

#7. Best for Bedrooms: Blue
Enjoyable couple bedroom ideas As Though Master Bedroom Color Schemes Elegant Beautiful Couple Bedroom Purple

Blue light has been studied and found to make people alert but walls painted with blue makes you feel serene and protected. For this reason, the color is perfect for bedrooms, a place of safe retreat. Don’t just go for boring blue; use bold shades mixed with lighter shades for a balanced look.

#8. Home Offices and Core Areas are Better with Citrus Orange

The invigorating color orange is perfect for areas in your home where you entertain or receive guests. These rooms include entertainment rooms, dining rooms or living rooms. Orange also sparks motivation so it’s good when you need to focus on work in your home office.

#9. Get crafty with lavender

You’d think white is perfect for craft rooms – it’s clean and the different colors of craft materials and supplies displayed on shelves will serve as accents. But turns out that lavender works just as great. It’s not the dark shade of purple – which evokes feelings of sadness. Rather, choose lilac or lavender to inspire creativity.

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4 Basic Tips for a Mediterranean-Style Home

Beautiful and inspiring!

The Mediterranean home design never goes out of style and will always be a popular favorite among homeowners. The design follows a mix of elements influenced by south Greece, Spain and Italy. All three regions are well-loved because of their turquoise waters, bright sunny days, lush produce and colorful flowers, which are reflected in the Mediterranean design. If you’re considering a Mediterranean-style home, then read on for tips.

Furniture pieces used in a Mediterranean-style home can either be simple yet functional or formal. Materials used for the Mediterranean furniture are heavy-duty and burnished, with its legs often intricately designed and turned. If you want to achieve a relaxing abode that follows this gorgeous style, it all comes down to four elements.

#1. Colors

As mentioned, the Mediterranean style is influenced by the beautiful nature of the region, so you can expect the colors of the sea and sky always present. Depending on which region, however, you can also opt for lavender, yellow, warm terra cotta and other earthy tones.

#2. Work on Tiles

When it comes to interior designing, you can never go wrong with using mosaic tiles for a Mediterranean-style home. You can use mosaic tiles as a kitchen backsplash or even on the floor. If not, you can also use the design on any item you can move about, like a mirror frame. 

If you wish to go for that Moroccan look, use dusty orange terracotta tiles. Patterned mosaic tile is an important decorative element for this style.

#3. Accessories

A Mediterranean-style home usually has burnished bronze materials or wrought iron as accessories. A great idea would be a room with a wrought iron fireplace accentuated with Moroccan rugs that come in red and blue colors. Floral patterned vases, colorful patterned cushions and neutral-colored throws will then complement your desired Mediterranean look.

#4. Play with texture

Give your Mediterranean-style home a charming appeal by adding and playing with different textures. Textured wooden walls will help you achieve that rustic charm you’ll surely love. If you don’t prefer wood, there’s always stone as an alternative. 

Need some visual inspiration? Check out the photos below.


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15 Ways To Make Living Room Cozy This Winter

Make your living room a perfect place to retreat in this winter.

When the weather’s warm outside, you’d want to get rid of all the layers just to make your house look breezy. But winter is just around the corner, and the days are becoming chilly, so you might want to redecorate and make your home the best place to retreat to this winter. Fortunately, you need only simple moves to make your home, especially your living room cozy this winter.

While a survey has shown that most Americans dislike winter and the harsh weather it brings, it doesn’t always have to be the case. Winter doesn’t have to be your least favorite season, especially when you know how to throw in some decor. 

The way to make winter less bleak than it usually is, is to put your decorating skills to work. Add some warmth in your place and you’ll be loving your living room even more during those cold months. You can just wait out the season in style, without having to sacrifice comfort. Here are some tips and ideas on how to make your living room cozy this winter.

#1. Upgrade to a heavier, thicker curtain.

It’s time to keep those light and breezy curtains and bring out the thicker ones this winter.

#2. Work with texture to add more warmth and coziness

Different textures can make a room cozier, so don’t be shy about using velvet or faux fur.

#3. Play with fairy lights and put up candles for that magical ambiance.

Winter should be fun and magical, even in your living room. Bring in the candle lights.

#4. Add more color for more warmth

Think about bright-color or patterned pillows or perhaps holiday-themed accents for the room to make the space look full of life.

#5. Bring in the greens

A lot of plants don’t thrive outside the harsh wintry weather. Why not bring some in – those that are easy to maintain and add color and life to your living room.

#6. Baby light the fire

It’s time to light that fireplace. If your home doesn’t have one, there’s always that portable fireplace option.

#7. Invest in a learning thermostat

A learning thermostat will adjust room temperatures according to your preferences. Over time, it will learn about what you like and will adjust accordingly when you walk into the room.

#8. Add more lighting

Make your room look more elegant with more lighting – avoid ceiling lights. We’re talking about table lamps or floor lamps.

#9. Display those area rugs

Avoid getting cold feet in winter. Put some area rugs. They make the room look stylish – plus it warms your feet.

#10. Keep those slippers close.

Stay cozy and warm by having a pair of slippers close by, whether by the door or outside your room.

#11. Try baking goodies

There’s just something cozy about the smell of freshly-baked cookies. Fill your house with it and of course, enjoy the treats!

#12. Move dinner table close to the fireplace.

Have an intimate dinner and make it extra cozy by moving your dining table close the fireplace. This is a great idea especially if you don’t have a fireplace in the dining room.

#13. Create a reading corner

It doesn’t get any cozier than this! Prep some hot choco and chill out by that reading corner you just prepared for winter with your favorite book.

#14. Keep a basket of blankets nearby

You may drape a warm blanket on your sofa for that added warmth. But if that doesn’t work for you, have a basket of blankets in your living room just in case you want to curl up on the sofa.

#15. Display wonderful memories

Put out old photos or favorite mementos on display. Technically, this doesn’t make your living room warm but it does bring memories that will fill your soul with warmth during the dreary months of winter.

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