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20 Lovely Indoor Garden Ideas For Small Spaces

Love greens and nature but you have a small living space? However small your home is, this shouldn’t stop you from having an indoor garden and building a green space. Most houses in the urban setting are designed in a way that residents don’t really get access to a garden. But rearing plants inside your home is still possible even with limited space.

You may also be concerned about letting plants thrive in your small home but that shouldn’t be a problem. There are different plant species that do well with little amount of light and water. And having an indoor garden takes away the stress from your everyday work. You have to admit, seeing green living things inside your home can be refreshing.
Garden projects don’t have to be elaborate. There’s always space for even the tiniest bit of green your house can take. Check out wonderful indoor garden ideas to inspire you to go for green!

Vertical Gardens

Don’t have enough space? Get yourself a steel mesh and hang your potted greens and you’ll have your little garden or you can go for vertical shelves for your plants. You can also use mason jars instead of pots to add more flair.






Cart Gardens

You can probably find bar or kitchen carts in thrift stores. Just give it a makeover so you can have your own plant garden indoors.



Skinny Planter Stand

You don’t have to have a lot of plants just so you can call it a garden. Even this DIY skinny planter is enough to place your succulents in.




Garment Rack

Hang those cute plants on a garment rack, which you can easily find online or in your local shops.





A terrarium is the way to go if you live in a small apartment or space. They’re low maintenance and they allow you to get creative with different plant species. Best of all, they make wonderful home decors.





Herb Garden

Herbs are the perfect plants to have indoors. They can provide you with your kitchen needs as well as add the touch of green to your space.




Interior Designs

Stunning Decorative Paint Rollers To Create Elegant Wall Design Patterns

A wonderful creative tool to create pattern and design and are so fun to work with.

If you hate wallpaper but love patterns especially elegant and classy designs, then you’re going to love these patterned paint rollers.

Each roller comes in two parts: firstly, there is the 6 inches wide, embossed patterned rollers in different designs; then there is a choice of two applicators, one for use on fabric and the other for paper, wood, and walls.

The rollers are reusable, interchangeable, and come in a variety of patterns.

Whether you’re looking for a short cut or a creative technique, you’ll definitely love these fun paint roller pattern effects.

Author’s Note: These decorative paint rollers are subject for stock availability. You can buy these on the link at the end of this article.

1. DIY Textured Paint Roller Pattern

There’s a lot of ways to create a textured effect (like tying rubber bands around your roller etc) – But here’s a new way: Just wrap wool around the paint roller and you’ll get this lovely dappled effect.

2. Large Flowers Paint Roller Pattern
3. Classy birds and leaves paint roller pattern
4. Simple ethnic paint roller pattern

You’d think an ethnic pattern on a wall could be dizzying, but this paint roller design almost looks 3-D in a very chic way . It’s a great way to add a textured look to your walls when things feel a bit flat.

5. Autumn leaves paint roller pattern design
7. Dandelion paint roller wall pattern design
8. Elegant Bird
9. Grazing wild deers

This adorable design would make a great addition to a nursery or kids room, or even in the mud room of a rustic lakehouse. Furthermore, the pattern can be applied using any latex paint, and any color you choose!

10. Wheat and wild flowers

This floral print is on the relaxing side, making it great for a bathroom. You could even just do one wall in a bigger space, like a bedroom or a living room. It’s great for light-filled spaces that could use a dainty complement that mimics the outdoors.

11. Simplicity Grass
12. Tall grass pattern
13. Elegant alligator pattern

What’s cool about these paint roller patterns is that you have some freedom when it comes to application. For instance, to create this organic alligator skin design as a positive application, apply the paint to the surface. But if you want a negative application, roll the pattern through any type of plaster material to create a realistic effect.

14. Bloom Tide Patterned Paint Roller
15. Curly vines pattern
16. Dreamy design
17. Sparkly flowers
18. Inverted Leaves
19. Classy ferns
20. Harmony grass
21. Lovely daisies
22. Royal leaves

This beautiful leaf pattern, as with the other options on this list, can be applied to more than just a wall. You have the option of rolling it on furniture, cabinets, the ceiling and even fabric. Just use your imagination and creativity!

23. Uniform leaves
24. Gorgeous leaves
25. Wood Pattern

If you have a small room with bare floor, go ahead and paint the floor to look like wood. It’s a great way to upgrade on a budget. Plus, it’s extremely easy to do and looks so much better than a stained carpet or even wood tiles.

25. Leaves infinity

You can buy these decorative paint rollers here. Some items may no longer be available or subject to stocks availability from different sellers.

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9 Best Paint Color Choices For Every Room, According to Science

Does an orange home office sound great to you?

Sometimes, choosing the right color for the home interior can be challenging. Even if you’ve already gone through the appropriate paint color choices and picked the most favorite out of them all, it may not feel right especially if you want to set the mood for each room.

Not to mention, there are so many shades of each color to choose from. What can you do then? Working with an interior designer is one sure way you’re going to get the right color for each area in your house. Also, science has got your back. Below are the best paint color choices for each room and the psychology behind it.

#1. For busy spaces that will remind you to calm, choose pink

Pink is often associated with femininity, which is why it is associated with qualities like compassion, kindness and softness. This is why it is a good paint color choice for evoking serenity and calmness. That said it’s a good color for rooms that should remind you to relax, breathe and stay calm. While the soothing effect of pink has been proven, researchers say that the effect only presents at the first color exposure. Once people get used to it, the color tends to become unpleasant.

#2. Go for green for gender-neutral nurseries

More and more parents advocate for gender-neutral parenting these days. If you’re one of them, and you want to avoid the usual boy=blue; girls=pink nursery colors, go for green instead. It evokes a sense of balance, plus it’s the color of nature. Not only will green work for nurseries, but it can be one of the best paint color choices for any room in your home.

#3. Yellow for Kitchens

For a more palatable experience, eat in the kitchen that’s colored yellow. Yellow seems to boost appetite and increases energy levels. If you hate mornings, then why not try to grab some breakfast, sit in the yellow kitchen and observe how you’ll be more motivated and enthusiastic about eating your morning meal.

#4. Dining rooms are better in white

White is an ultimate favorite color when it comes to interiors, but it is the best for dining rooms. While there are different shades, the best one to go for is one with a warmer tone if you want your dining room to have a welcoming and inviting atmosphere.

#5. Use bold red for extra motivation in your home gym

Got a home gym? You got to admit – some days it will be very tiring to break a sweat and some days you’ll lose motivation. But when you paint the home gym with bold red shades, then you’re likely to add energy to the room. Plus, red inspires you to improve your physical performance.

#6. A silver entryway?

Your entryway will be an area of first impressions. Gray is synonymous with unemotional, making a room appear reserved. Use this, or perhaps a silvery-white hue, as the color for your entryway for that calming vibe for anyone who enters your home.

#7. Best for Bedrooms: Blue
Enjoyable couple bedroom ideas As Though Master Bedroom Color Schemes Elegant Beautiful Couple Bedroom Purple

Blue light has been studied and found to make people alert but walls painted with blue makes you feel serene and protected. For this reason, the color is perfect for bedrooms, a place of safe retreat. Don’t just go for boring blue; use bold shades mixed with lighter shades for a balanced look.

#8. Home Offices and Core Areas are Better with Citrus Orange

The invigorating color orange is perfect for areas in your home where you entertain or receive guests. These rooms include entertainment rooms, dining rooms or living rooms. Orange also sparks motivation so it’s good when you need to focus on work in your home office.

#9. Get crafty with lavender

You’d think white is perfect for craft rooms – it’s clean and the different colors of craft materials and supplies displayed on shelves will serve as accents. But turns out that lavender works just as great. It’s not the dark shade of purple – which evokes feelings of sadness. Rather, choose lilac or lavender to inspire creativity.

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13 Lovely Hallway Decorating Tips for Christmas

It’s time to get ready for the Christmas spirit and if you haven’t started decorating yet, you should now. The hallway is just one of the best places to prep your home for the holidays. For that, you need inspiration so you can start with hallway decorating for Christmas.

As you’ll be welcoming guests into your door, impress them or even make them feel cozy in your home with brilliant hallway Christmas decorations. With these Hallway decorating tips, you will instantly feel the festive spirit the moment you walk in through that front door.

#1. Use foliage to beautify your banister
#2. Why not use paper lanterns as decor?
#3. A bench in the hallway still needs that festive touch
#4. Another magical effect is to use pillar lights on stairs
#5. Be that hospitable host that offers guests warm tea choices (or even liquor) as they walk in
#6. Garlands on the door adorned by string lights always feel magical
#7. Got a window seat as a reading nook? Adorn with wintry or Christmas decors
#8. Don’t forget gold accents

As the hallway serves the welcoming spot in your home, it is important to decorate it, especially on Christmas. Friends and family are coming over so expect that there will be a lot of action in this part of your home. Hallway decorating for Christmas is all about creating that welcoming and warm environment for everyone who’s going into and out of the house so they will arrive and leave feeling the Christmas spirit.

But before anything else, the first step is to declutter your hallway so that only the decor and lighting remain. That way, you can ensure that the decorations are doing their purpose to stand out. Keep console table clear or only adorned with festive decor.

#9. Garlands and wreath are must-haves
#10. Always consider wintry, cozy palettes
#11. Twinkling fairy lights here and there…
#12. Fancy some country Christmas vibe?
#13. Simple but full of festive spirit
#14. Apart from decors, it’s important to declutter the hallway.
#15. Decorate the hall with a tiny tree.

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