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23 Lovely Yet Simple Wood Projects For Beginners

Woodworking projects don’t have to be intimidating. These simple wood projects are so easy to make even beginners can give it a go.

Decorating your home can be a challenge if you don’t have much of a creative side. And if you feel your house needs wooden decor, you have to think about buying stuff that has already been made – and they can be costly. However, there are many DIY wood projects that people – even beginners – can easily make. This will be a more affordable option to decorate your home.

For many beginners, woodworking seems to be an intimidating feat but you’ll be surprised at just how simple they can be. If you need simple but elegant wooden decor for your home, here are simple wood projects you can do on your own.

#1. This gorgeous wood slice end table.
#2. Stylish foldable laundry hamper
#3. Rustic hanging planter frame
#4. Rustic shelf
#5. This mirror with shelves made of plywood.
#6. A ladder turned into a hanger for blankets
#7. Organize your desk
#8. Very simple planter pot stand
#9. Storage shelf on wheels placed under a sofa.
#10. Hang those posters using a wooden frame

The great thing about these simple wood projects is that there is no need for you to have your own dedicated workshop. It doesn’t also require you to have several years of experience in woodworking. What you need, though, are some common tools and some inspiration, which you can check more of below.

#11. Organize your earrings with this wooden organizer
#12. Wooden bookends
#13. This wooden box bike rack
#14. Looks simple, but definitely chic
#15. This sawhorse side table
#16. Rustic bench board
#17. Wooden photo display
#18. Organize your stationery supplies with this wooden box
#19. Cluttered desk? This one should do the trick
#20. Clever idea!
#21. Gives off a homey vibe
#22. Key and paper holder – truly functional!
#23. Another idea to organize your cluttered desk

You might discover that woodworking can be one of the most enjoyable and rewarding hobbies out there. It always feels good to create something using your own hands and putting it somewhere where you and other people can see it and use it.

To know how to make these beautiful crafts is a great way to stay under budget when you want to add more beauty to your home. On another plus side, you’ll learn a skill that can help you create things that can be given as gifts instead of buying from a store. It saves you money and it becomes even more meaningful.


30 Clever Ways to Repurpose Old Windows

Spot some old windows at a garage sale or antique shop? Get them and use these beautiful ideas to repurpose old windows for a chic home.

Using the DIY method for home decoration and repairs has become even more popular these days. People want to save money and at the same time, come up with a design that uniquely suits their taste. When it comes to windows, it’s a good thing that there are plenty of excellent ideas on how you can repurpose old windows.

If you have old windows lying around or you spotted some at a garage sale or an antique shop, that’s a great opportunity for you to use them and turn them into something more valuable and more beautiful. 

With or without glass, you can still repurpose old windows to be used in your arts and crafts and home renovation projects. Need some ideas? Check out the photos below!

#1. Use it to display wreaths
#2.  A chalkboard window
#3.  A backdrop for your/an artwork
#4. Vintage bathroom mirrors
#5. Bathroom wall cabinet with a farmhouse vibe
#6. A window wall
#7. Chalkboard calendar
#8. Organize your jewelry collection
#9. Colorful window display using scrapbook paper
#10. Decorative mirror on the wall

There are just so many things you can do with old window frames. The most popular one is to use it as a frame for photos to be displayed anywhere in your living room.  Anyone who’s fond of decorating and has a bit of woodworking skills can also repurpose old windows into a terrarium.

If you are confident with your excellent crafts skills, you can also upcycle old window frames by turning them into a coffee tabletop or even a gorgeous kitchen island. Old window frames always give off that farmhouse and vintage vibe.

#11. DIY wooden headboard
#12. Creative dioramas
#13. Old map decor for the travel aficionado
#14. Decorative display
#15. Kitchen decor
#16. Organizer for the family
#17. Repurpose old windows into gorgeous fences
#18. Terrarium or greenhouse
#19. Lovely kitchen island
#20. Window coffee table.
#21. Porch divider
#22. Colorful stained glass window
#23. Old window frame planter
#24. Clever serving tray
#25. Magical fairy garden
#26. Pot rack
#27. Display your quilt
#28. Seat chart for that rustic wedding
#29. Shutters and windows make a great display
#30. Shower door
#31. Display old windows on your wall
#32. Gorgeous bathroom shelf
#33. Rustic Frame
#34. Family photos display
#35. Chalkboard calendar

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20 DIY Tree Log Projects To Enhance Your Garden

Nature-inspired decorations work really well in your garden. However, they also make excellent indoor decor especially when you have tree logs and tree trunks used as materials. If you are fond of rustic designs and you want to incorporate it into your home theme, there are easy-to-do tree log projects that you can do on your own.

If you see some tree logs around your property, you can get creative with them and use them as materials for your next DIY project. Wood materials that are great for your garden projects include branches, wooden logs, and even wood slices. They make beautiful crafts and you can have fun putting them together into a masterpiece.

Feeling a bit crafty? Have you always been crafty and do you always find it satisfying to create something gorgeous with your hands? If you are and you know how to use the right tools, these following DIY tree log projects might just be the hobby that you need. Enhance your garden or even your home with these awesome DIY ideas.

#1. Enjoy your coffee outdoors with this DIY tree log project.
#2. Use log slices as stairs.
#3. Need raised beds for your flowers or vegetable garden? Use logs!
#4. Enjoying beer outdoors on a wooden couch? Why not?
#5. With this creative wooden lamp, your yard will look magical.
#6. These look straight out of a fairytale.
#7. Put some zen into your backyard.
#8. Add more color to your already vibrant garden.
Get creative with these amazing tree log projects
#9. This is just the perfect outdoor family table.
#10. This is brilliant!
#11. Get creative with your flower or vegetable gardens with log planters.
#12. Creative bench for the outdoor.
#13. Use logs for that rustic side table for your patio.
#14. Want a more unique fence? Use logs!
#15. This is lovely!
#16. These wooden toadstools are perfect decors for your garden.
#17. A wooden gate is what you need for that fairytale feel.
#18. This long wooden table is just what the family needs.
Tree log projects are perfect if you want to create something beautiful for your garden
#19. Your chicken buddy will love this perch.
#20. This clever birdhouse can be a great garden decor.
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50 IKEA Billy Bookcase Hacks For Your Decorating Inspiration

The IKEA Billy series is one of the most popular products of the furniture retailer and for good reasons. It’s affordable and reasonably priced and it comes in different finish options. The unit may look simple but if you know some IKEA Billy bookcase hacks, you’ll find that there are various ways you can use it – not just as a place for storing books.

The IKEA Billy bookcases are created in different sizes and they also come in various colors. It is the ideal product for all bibliophiles. However, if you’re into DIY projects, you know so well that a bookshelf is not the only purpose of the IKEA Billy. Mixing different sizes and parts will give yoou a customized shelf that you can use to decorate your home.

Taking a simple product like IKEA Billy bookcases and turning them into a unique and gorgeous home decor may seem like it’s magic, but it involves creativity. It’s every DIY enthusiast’s achievement to transform a popular commercial product into something more useful, more functional, and more beautiful.

Learn different IKEA Billy bookcase hacks today and master the art of turning a boring box into a sophisticated, custom-built shelf for your home. Take a look at some of the inspiration below.



















































Feeling inspired yet? The IKEA Billy bookcase hacks can do wonders for your home. Find the right size, add some covers, trims and even change the paint color, and soon you’ll have a decor that complements your home. Put the bookcases on sideboards or even that empty space under the stairs to maximize space. To add a sophisticated twist, add glass doors to your Billy and you’ll have an elegant shelf in your home. You can even use the Billy bookcase as a pantry and also as a custom closet!

Which of these Billy bookcase hacks do you like the most? Let us know in the comments!


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