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25 Brilliant DIY Bird Feeder Ideas That Will Bring Life To Your Garden

Do you enjoy hearing the sweet song of the songbirds? How about looking at cute little birds fly around in your backyard? We’ve already shown you how to create a DIY bird house in your garden to provide a safe place for those little birds to stay but if you really want to make them stay, you need to provide some food to them in an easy and non-intrusive way. That is why you should also make a DIY bird feeder somewhere in your garden or backyard that will not only attract birds to visit your outdoor spaces but will also make them want to stay close and feel at home.

Welcome to a new collection of DIY projects in which we are going to show you how to make these Brilliant DIY Bird Feeder Ideas That Will Bring Life To Your Garden. Take a look at the designs that we’ve featured in the following collection and you will notice just how simple they all are. You can make them all in under 30 minutes provided that you have the right materials at hand, but even if you don’t have what they require, you will be able to get the supplies easily and for no cost at all. Once you’re ready, step right in the detailed tutorials that are going to instruct you every step of the way. Enjoy!

1. Mason Jar Bird Feeder

DIY Bird Feeder Ideas and Designs 1

Mason jars have proven quite useful outside kitchens, and in backyard decorations. You can use one such mason jar as your DIY bird feeder. The best thing about mason jars is the fact that they can be crafted and modified into any unique design.

DIY Bird Feeder Ideas and Designs 2

You can hang it horizontally or vertically, straight or upended, decorated or just plain normal; it is guaranteed to look good with birds flying around. Let your imagination run wild!

2. Tower Bird Feeder

DIY Bird Feeder Ideas and Designs 3

If you plan on having a more traditional bird feeder in your garden, this Tower Feeder can be your best choice. It’s mostly available in shops, but you can also make it yourself if you wish to cut on your costs.

DIY Bird Feeder Ideas and Designs 4

This DIY tutorial gives a step-by-step of how to build your standard bird feeder tower with stuff you can upcycle. You can decorate the feeder in different colors too.

3. Tire Swing Bird Feeder

DIY Bird Feeder Ideas and Designs 5

Oh, this brings back a lot of childhood memories! This tire swing is actually used as a bird feeder. You can get a similar tire from toy stores quite easily, and hang them with a jute rope. The birds will appreciate the swing, and the feast that comes with it.

Although, it’s also available for purchase, you can craft it from toys, clay, and other rubber articles.

4. Pouring Wine Bird Feeder

DIY Bird Feeder Ideas and Designs 6

There are so many wine bottle tutorials showing us the variety of bird feeders we can make. Who knew wine bottles could be so useful, well, other than storing wine. This wine bottle is suspended upside down from a frame, and it looks like the bird seed is pouring out of the bottle.

You’ll need to build a simple wooden frame to hold the bottle in place. Then filling up the bottle with the grains and turning it upside down, will do the job for you. It’s quite simple to recreate, isn’t it?

5. Bird Feeder From Old Lighting Fixture

DIY Bird Feeder Ideas and Designs 7

This little bird house is warm, cozy and pretty secure. It is spacious enough for your bird friends to fly comfortably inside, and the glass on most sides keeps the temperature adequately warm for them to feel at home.

6. DIY Tea Cup Bird Feeder

DIY Bird Feeder Ideas and Designs 8

This bird feeder is quite adorable. Using a ceramic or a melamine cup and saucer arrangement as a bird feeder can look really pretty with little birds sitting on it.

You can use glue to stick the cup and saucer together. If you’ve got a certain theme going on in your garden or backyard, you can use different designs for cups; Victorian, polka dotted, abstract, brightly colored, and so many more. Make sure to hang the tea cups to a strong suspender and not long ribbons, so that it won’t swing around and break.

7. Recycled Can Bird Feeder

DIY Bird Feeder Ideas and Designs 9

We all have used food tin cans just sitting there in the recyclables bin. So, instead of throwing them away or selling it off to a scrap dealer, you can reuse them as bird feeders.

All you need to do is, smoothen out the sharp edges of the can, paint the can with bright colors, and hang it from a hook or a branch with fancy ribbons. You can also glue a short stick on the outside for the birds to sit on. Seems easy to do, doesn’t it?

8. Ketchup Bottle Bird Feeder

DIY Bird Feeder Ideas and Designs 10

We saw some designs for plastic and wine bottles upcycled as bird feeders. You can also use a similar technique to use ketchup bottles. It’s an inexpensive and simple idea, but it works wonders for a DIY bird feeder.

9. Soda Bottle DIY Bird Feeder

DIY Bird Feeder Ideas and Designs 11

The best thing about making a bird feeder yourself, is the fact that you can use recyclable products from your household to make it. It’s a good way to make sure you’re not wasting resources or money. We all wonder what to do with empty plastic soda bottles. We just reuse them and throw them away. Now we can control the number of plastic bottles we throw out, by using them to create a haven for little birds.

DIY Bird Feeder Ideas and Designs 12

These one-liter plastic bottles can be hung around your backyard or windows as bird feeders. It uses wooden spoons to stop the bird seed from spilling out, and the handles of the spoon to allow birds to stand. You can use old metal plates, wooden spoons, cans, and bottles. It’s really economic, and you get to try different ideas this way.

10. Window Birdfeeder

DIY Bird Feeder Ideas and Designs 13

This bird feeder is so minimalist and adorable. It’s made out of simply cut plywood, and has a deck to it. It has a small roof to it, and it’s suspended to the glass window with rubber suction cups.

It looks just like a birdhouse. You can build this frame yourself using wooden pieces. Or if you have an old birdhouse that has become obsolete, you can cut the entrance part of it, paint it and reuse it. The arch will give an unobstructed view of birds from the other side of the window.

11. DIY Tin Can Flower Bird Feeder

DIY Bird Feeder Ideas and Designs 14

We saw various upcycled tin can products, but this feeder undoubtedly takes the prize. It’s a very clever idea, using old tin cans to make flowers for your backyard or garden. Birds easily get attracted to brightly colored flowers, so using that principle to make a bird feeder, gives you an absolutely gorgeous product.

DIY Bird Feeder Ideas and Designs 15

These tin cans are cut halfway and flattened into the shape of a flower. The bird seed is filled in the central portion. You can paint the cans in different colors, and hoist them on a sticks, high from the ground. It will also look amazing in your garden on a beautiful summer day.

12. DIY Fruit Feeder For Birds

DIY Bird Feeder Ideas and Designs 16

Here’s this nifty idea of keeping oranges for your winged friends. All it uses is an insulated craft wire or a spring, twisted and turned to hold the oranges.

Although it says orange feeder, you can put other fruits in this feeder too. You can cover it up with a piece of fabric to keep the squirrels away, and add some more colors to it. It’s quit an easy and charming bird feeder.

13. Orange Bird Feeder

DIY Bird Feeder Ideas and Designs 17

Leftover citrus fruit peels can be now used as a bird feeder. When you’re done carving the fruit out for juice, you can use these halved peels to store bird feed. Using woolen yarns to make holders for the bowl will withstand the weight of birds and the feeder itself.

DIY Bird Feeder Ideas and Designs 18

You can hang them around your garden or balcony, and it will still look pretty and beautiful.

14. Carton Box DIY Bird Feeder

DIY Bird Feeder Ideas and Designs 19

Tetra pack cartons are known to be sturdy and durable enough to preserve the milk and juices they preserve. If you have any spare ones in your kitchen, you can use it to make a bird feeder.

Painting the box with bright colors will attract birds as well as your guests’ attention. Using small sticks to make a stand for birds, or to make a roof for the carton, will add charm to the feeder. You can take inspiration from various designs put up on social media.

15. Popsicle Stick Bird Feeders

DIY Bird Feeder Ideas and Designs 20

Here we have another DIY idea that uses popsicle sticks. The one we saw above was more extensive, but this one is petite and cute nonetheless. Although it’s simple, birds are sure to love swinging on this small swing made out of popsicle sticks.

16. Hanging Bowl Feeder

DIY Bird Feeder Ideas and Designs 21

This design uses upcycled take-away plastic bowls to make bird feeders. I like the 3-in-1 purpose this bird feeder uses. You can use plastic bowls of different colors, attach them with straws, and hang them in the garden.

There’s a bowl each for bird seed and water. So in harsh summers, birds can hydrate themselves easily. The third bowl works as a shelter for these birds. Seems pretty efficient, doesn’t it?

17. Orb Feeder

DIY Bird Feeder Ideas and Designs 22

How about building a bird feeder that reminds you of a spaceship? Or a UFO? It’s an easy craft idea that can add a theme to your bird feeder and make your garden or balcony look futuristic.

You can basically use old lampshades for this feeder. Stick them together and suspend it from trees. You can even use plastic fishbowls for this. The large hole will allow a lot of winged friends to party in this orb feeder. Birds will surely love it.

18. Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

DIY Bird Feeder Ideas and Designs 23
A treat for you, a treat for the birds, and a treat for the eyes of people visiting your backyard. This fancy bird feeder looks so aesthetically European, something that you can find hanging around in street cafés.

Keeping them around the bird baths in your backyard or under the cool shade of plants, can attract more birds. You can even attach small LEDs inside the wine bottles to make them look pretty in the evenings. Even if you don’t drink wine, you can use any colored glass bottles, or simply buy them from a thrift shop.

19. Porch Swing Bird Feeder

DIY Bird Feeder Ideas and Designs 24

Now, this bird feeder looks really adorable. It’s a tiny porch swing, filled up with bird seed. You can either buy it from a gift or a craft shop, or make it yourself.

You can use it from most showcase items that have these kinds of swing sets, or you can get one from a doll house. If you plan on making it yourself, you can use small twigs or small wooden plywood sticks. All in all, this idea seems like it would look really neat on your porch, next to your own swing, or in a garden.

20. Popsicle Treehouse Bird Feeder

DIY Bird Feeder Ideas and Designs 25
This DIY project is bringing back our favorite craft material: popsicle sticks! They’re readily available in the nearest art store. These are mini, easy to use wooden sticks which you can use to make different designs for your bird feeders.

Like the one in this picture. Looks like a miniature treehouse right? It is easy to assemble, stick and paint however you desire. Don’t hold yourself back from going a bit crafty on your new popsicle stick feeder. Let your imagination run wild!

21. Log Bird Feeder

DIY Bird Feeder Ideas and Designs 26

What best way to attract birds than to use trees or wooden logs for a feeder? Well, it makes sense if you use a log from your firewood or construction projects instead.

All you need to do is carve out a very small piece of log, enough to accommodate some birds. Hollowing it out from inside will allow you space to fill up the bird seed in. The birds can sit on the edge of the log and enjoy their hearty meal, feeling right at home with this Log Feeder.

22. Clay Bird Feeder

DIY Bird Feeder Ideas and Designs 27

If you have a pottery kit in your homes, or simple playdough, you can try this simple idea for a clay bowl feeder. It’s so easy to make; you can even let your kids try their hand at simple clay art. Make holes in it to tie up some yard for hanging purposes.

Clay is quite easy to mold and paint, so you can mix up colors and try different pottery designs for your feeder too. Kids will have a ball working with clay, and will keep themselves busy with pottery inspired bird feeders.

23. Lego Bird Feeder

DIY Bird Feeder Ideas and Designs 28

Everyone loves Lego blocks! I do too. There are so many things you can create with these colored blocks. For instance, take this Lego feeder. Seems brilliant, doesn’t it?

If you have old Lego blocks from children’s toy kits that you can spare, or if you don’t mind purchasing a basic Lego kit, you can make your very own Lego Bird Feeder. You can even build it according to your favorite or available Lego themes.

24. Little Victorian Birdhouse

DIY Bird Feeder Ideas and Designs 29

This birdhouse and bird feeder is a little special in the way it looks. It is quite Victorian in its design. It not only gives the birds enough space to rest and to feed, but it also acts like a lovely little decorative piece in your backyard to have.

25. Spiral Bird Feeder

DIY Bird Feeder Ideas and Designs 30

This is such a beautiful bird feeder! It looks like something straight out of Alice in Wonderland. Using spiraling coil and some glass bowls, and a few ornamental jingles, this lovely bird feeder is extremely attractive, both to birds and to humans.


30 Clever Ways to Repurpose Old Windows

Spot some old windows at a garage sale or antique shop? Get them and use these beautiful ideas to repurpose old windows for a chic home.

Using the DIY method for home decoration and repairs has become even more popular these days. People want to save money and at the same time, come up with a design that uniquely suits their taste. When it comes to windows, it’s a good thing that there are plenty of excellent ideas on how you can repurpose old windows.

If you have old windows lying around or you spotted some at a garage sale or an antique shop, that’s a great opportunity for you to use them and turn them into something more valuable and more beautiful. 

With or without glass, you can still repurpose old windows to be used in your arts and crafts and home renovation projects. Need some ideas? Check out the photos below!

#1. Use it to display wreaths
#2.  A chalkboard window
#3.  A backdrop for your/an artwork
#4. Vintage bathroom mirrors
#5. Bathroom wall cabinet with a farmhouse vibe
#6. A window wall
#7. Chalkboard calendar
#8. Organize your jewelry collection
#9. Colorful window display using scrapbook paper
#10. Decorative mirror on the wall

There are just so many things you can do with old window frames. The most popular one is to use it as a frame for photos to be displayed anywhere in your living room.  Anyone who’s fond of decorating and has a bit of woodworking skills can also repurpose old windows into a terrarium.

If you are confident with your excellent crafts skills, you can also upcycle old window frames by turning them into a coffee tabletop or even a gorgeous kitchen island. Old window frames always give off that farmhouse and vintage vibe.

#11. DIY wooden headboard
#12. Creative dioramas
#13. Old map decor for the travel aficionado
#14. Decorative display
#15. Kitchen decor
#16. Organizer for the family
#17. Repurpose old windows into gorgeous fences
#18. Terrarium or greenhouse
#19. Lovely kitchen island
#20. Window coffee table.
#21. Porch divider
#22. Colorful stained glass window
#23. Old window frame planter
#24. Clever serving tray
#25. Magical fairy garden
#26. Pot rack
#27. Display your quilt
#28. Seat chart for that rustic wedding
#29. Shutters and windows make a great display
#30. Shower door
#31. Display old windows on your wall
#32. Gorgeous bathroom shelf
#33. Rustic Frame
#34. Family photos display
#35. Chalkboard calendar

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23 Lovely Yet Simple Wood Projects For Beginners

Woodworking projects don’t have to be intimidating. These simple wood projects are so easy to make even beginners can give it a go.

Decorating your home can be a challenge if you don’t have much of a creative side. And if you feel your house needs wooden decor, you have to think about buying stuff that has already been made – and they can be costly. However, there are many DIY wood projects that people – even beginners – can easily make. This will be a more affordable option to decorate your home.

For many beginners, woodworking seems to be an intimidating feat but you’ll be surprised at just how simple they can be. If you need simple but elegant wooden decor for your home, here are simple wood projects you can do on your own.

#1. This gorgeous wood slice end table.
#2. Stylish foldable laundry hamper
#3. Rustic hanging planter frame
#4. Rustic shelf
#5. This mirror with shelves made of plywood.
#6. A ladder turned into a hanger for blankets
#7. Organize your desk
#8. Very simple planter pot stand
#9. Storage shelf on wheels placed under a sofa.
#10. Hang those posters using a wooden frame

The great thing about these simple wood projects is that there is no need for you to have your own dedicated workshop. It doesn’t also require you to have several years of experience in woodworking. What you need, though, are some common tools and some inspiration, which you can check more of below.

#11. Organize your earrings with this wooden organizer
#12. Wooden bookends
#13. This wooden box bike rack
#14. Looks simple, but definitely chic
#15. This sawhorse side table
#16. Rustic bench board
#17. Wooden photo display
#18. Organize your stationery supplies with this wooden box
#19. Cluttered desk? This one should do the trick
#20. Clever idea!
#21. Gives off a homey vibe
#22. Key and paper holder – truly functional!
#23. Another idea to organize your cluttered desk

You might discover that woodworking can be one of the most enjoyable and rewarding hobbies out there. It always feels good to create something using your own hands and putting it somewhere where you and other people can see it and use it.

To know how to make these beautiful crafts is a great way to stay under budget when you want to add more beauty to your home. On another plus side, you’ll learn a skill that can help you create things that can be given as gifts instead of buying from a store. It saves you money and it becomes even more meaningful.

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20 DIY Tree Log Projects To Enhance Your Garden

Nature-inspired decorations work really well in your garden. However, they also make excellent indoor decor especially when you have tree logs and tree trunks used as materials. If you are fond of rustic designs and you want to incorporate it into your home theme, there are easy-to-do tree log projects that you can do on your own.

If you see some tree logs around your property, you can get creative with them and use them as materials for your next DIY project. Wood materials that are great for your garden projects include branches, wooden logs, and even wood slices. They make beautiful crafts and you can have fun putting them together into a masterpiece.

Feeling a bit crafty? Have you always been crafty and do you always find it satisfying to create something gorgeous with your hands? If you are and you know how to use the right tools, these following DIY tree log projects might just be the hobby that you need. Enhance your garden or even your home with these awesome DIY ideas.

#1. Enjoy your coffee outdoors with this DIY tree log project.
#2. Use log slices as stairs.
#3. Need raised beds for your flowers or vegetable garden? Use logs!
#4. Enjoying beer outdoors on a wooden couch? Why not?
#5. With this creative wooden lamp, your yard will look magical.
#6. These look straight out of a fairytale.
#7. Put some zen into your backyard.
#8. Add more color to your already vibrant garden.
Get creative with these amazing tree log projects
#9. This is just the perfect outdoor family table.
#10. This is brilliant!
#11. Get creative with your flower or vegetable gardens with log planters.
#12. Creative bench for the outdoor.
#13. Use logs for that rustic side table for your patio.
#14. Want a more unique fence? Use logs!
#15. This is lovely!
#16. These wooden toadstools are perfect decors for your garden.
#17. A wooden gate is what you need for that fairytale feel.
#18. This long wooden table is just what the family needs.
Tree log projects are perfect if you want to create something beautiful for your garden
#19. Your chicken buddy will love this perch.
#20. This clever birdhouse can be a great garden decor.
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