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11 Creative Ideas For Small Bathroom Makeovers

Make your bathrooms look spacious and stylish with these creative transformation ideas.

Most bathrooms are small, which is why every bit of detail – from decor, lighting, colors and tiles – matters. And when you have all the right elements, a small bathroom makeover can make it look stylish and elegant.

Not only will you be inviting joy in your life when you give rooms in your house – including small bathrooms – a makeover but you’re also increasing the value of your home. Are you considering transforming your bathroom into a beautiful space but you don’t know where to start? Here are some impressive ideas on how you can completely change the look of your bathroom.

#1. BEFORE: From this average-looking bathroom…

AFTER: to this one that totally sparks joy

#2. BEFORE: From this store-bought shelf for the bathroom.

AFTER: To this stylish bathroom shelving

#3.  BEFORE: This outdated looking sponge-painted bathroom

AFTER: Turns into this spacious-looking gorgeous gray bathroom

#4. BEFORE: With its woodwork and color themes, this small room looks too confined.

AFTER: And voila, a makeover makes it feel and look larger.

#5. BEFORE: This looks boring …

AFTER: An updated tilework made this bathroom look bigger and brighter.

#6. BEFORE: This space had poor lighting, which makes it look depressing.

AFTER: With a makeover, it feels more open and looks refreshing.

#7. BEFORE: This guestroom just needed a transformation


AFTER: Look at this incredible change.

#8. This bathroom needed its dull wallpaper replaced.

AFTER: And just look at the result.

#9. BEFORE: Dark brown accents don’t go well with their chosen tile color.

AFTER: With a makeover, it’s given a stylish and glamorous look.
#10. BEFORE: This one looks just sad.

AFTER: And it has been given some life with this transformation.

#11. BEFORE: Fixtures are starting to age and the decor just makes this bathroom look outdated.

AFTER: With a major makeover, this bathroom looks roomier, brighter and has more storage.

#12.  BEFORE: So plain. So boring.

AFTER: And now it’s full of life and style!

#13. BEFORE: The green bathtub and the choice of colors make this small bathroom cluttered.

AFTER: It looks classic, but definitely cleaner, brighter and more gorgeous.

#14. BEFORE: This bathroom looks so uninteresting.

AFTER: And this has become one of the most beautiful areas in your home.

#15. BEFORE: This bathroom definitely looks too cluttered.

AFTER: Now it looks larger and more sophisticated with a warm color palette.

#16. BEFORE: Obviously, this bathroom needs a major makeover.

AFTER: With wooden floors, this bathroom now has warmth and life.

#17.  BEFORE: The tilework is just not doing any favor to the space.

AFTER: And look at the significant difference.

#18. BEFORE: This looks it needs a LOT of work.

AFTER: And look what creativity can do.

#19. BEFORE: The color is just too much.

AFTER: Switch to white and it now looks roomier and elegant even for a small space.

#20. BEFORE: Cream and white equals boring.

AFTER: With new lighting, new paint and some accents, this gives the bathroom a refreshing look.

#21. BEFORE: The faded paint makes this guest bathroom look outdated.

AFTER: With improved lighting and a calming color palette, the room looks bigger.

Beautiful small bathroom makeovers to inspire you