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60+ Best Design Ideas For Small Courtyard And Garden

Create a private sanctuary in your yard with inspiration from these beautiful courtyards.

If you are looking for inspiration on best design ideas for small courtyard, you’ve come to the right place. Who says you can not have a nice, modern and comfortable space to enjoy in your small courtyard? Beautifully landscaped garden is not only intended for large spaces. Good design can be used in every corner of your yard and you will make a beautiful place full of life and style.

Courtyard gardens, enclosed on all sides by walls or fences, can transform a cramped space into an oasis. They preserve privacy while welcoming sunlight. They make even the smallest home feel larger.

Small Courtyard And Garden

While a sprawling backyard to roam in was once the norm, inner-city living has led our gardens to shrink in sizes. But small needn’t mean uninspiring. There’s no need to say goodbye to the green leafy paradises of our dreams when you can take a small space – such as a courtyard, balcony or front yard – as an opportunity to get creative with maximizing the outdoor space available to you.

Space-saving solutions, such as vertical gardens, statement pot plants and climbing vines, are all perfect for pushing the boundaries of even the smallest yard. All you need is a bit of imagination and these small garden design and landscaping ideas to transform a humble patch into an urban oasis.

This post brings a lot of ideas that can help you to get started planning decoration of your small yard. Green labyrinths, stone paths, small ponds, fountains and colorful flowers, are all the elements with which you can edit your garden. After all, there is nothing better than enjoying the fresh morning surrounded by your own green haven, or to enjoy in the afternoon, after a long day at work. Enjoy the photos below and let us know what you think!


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22 Brilliant Lighting Ideas For A Magical Outdoor Space

Fun in your house doesn’t have to end when it’s getting dark. There’s still time and a place to have some fun even when the sun’s down. If you have excellent outdoor lighting, you can gather in the patio or even have a round of drinks at the backyard. There are tons of outdoor lighting ideas to inspire you to illuminate your property.

With proper outdoor lighting, you can extend time in your pool, relax and smell the fresh air from your garden and even continue to entertain guests. Well-planned lighting is also an important part of landscaping. When you place beautiful lights strategically, you can transform your property into a magical masterpiece.

Aside from aesthetic appeal, lighting also provides security and safety. If you are fond of DIY projects, it’s best to research the best types of lighting suitable for your outdoor space. If you want to hire a professional, there are always landscape designers to help you decide the best lighting scheme for your property. In the meantime, check out these outdoor lighting ideas for inspiration.


Lighting can be considered a good investment for your property. Typically, you shouldn’t be spending a lot just to have them in place. You can start by assessing your yard and looking for features that you need to emphasize. The pool, stairs, and spa are typical features in your yard that must be illuminated – not just for aesthetic reasons but also for safety. Plants, as well as outdoor statues and rooms, need some luminescence for that lighthearted ambiance.

Check out these brilliant outdoor lighting ideas to bring some magic into your property

With these brilliant lighting ideas, you can turn your outdoor spaces into a gorgeous area that sets the mood for nighttime entertainment and relaxation. You and your guests will surely have a grand time even until the break of dawn. Which of these is your favorite?

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10 Impressive Vegetable Garden Ideas

Having your own vegetable garden is a great way to live sustainably. Just think about it – you don’t have to get out much for groceries because you can just grow them in your own backyard. Even if you don’t have that big of a space at home, you can still grow your own vegetables. Just be inspired by the many vegetable garden ideas out there.

Just like ornamental flower gardens, you can get creative with vegetable gardens. There is also an increase in the popularity of growing your own greens because it allows people to save money and eat clean and healthy. Growing your own food also means you know where it comes from and you know exactly how it’s grown and what goes in it.

Are you considering growing your own vegetables? Do you want to see a certain spot in your backyard filled with beautiful greens that you can just pick out whenever you like? Whether you’re growing veggies to save on grocery bills or you just love the sight of it, here are vegetable garden ideas to check out.

#1. Hanging Gardens

A hanging vegetable garden is a great idea if you want to save some space. You can hang wooden planters and have a variety of veggies in each planter. With a sturdy metal frame, you can come up with a stylish hanging vegetable garden, depending on the money you’re willing to spend.

#2. Bed of Vegetables

When you grow a variety of vegetables, they might look unsightly and messy. This might not be good for a well-maintained yard. However, you can still go for vegetable patches on your manicured lawn, as long as you see to it that you keep up with the maintenance. Group similar vegetable types together so your vegetable beds won’t look unattractive.

#3. Vegetable Pallet

Go DIY with old pallets! Wooden pallets are excellent as stylish planters for your vegetable garden. If you need vertical gardens, pallets are a great material for your DIY project. They can also be hung using sturdy hooks.

#4. Vegetable Garden in a Box

A vegetable box is one of the simplest vegetable garden ideas you can go with. With an old crate, you can already re-purpose it into box garden filled with different kinds of greens. A great tip is to place the box on wheels as it gets heavy when filled with soil. When you put some wheels on your vegetable box, you can easily move it around so that your greens can get the amount of sunshine they need.

#5. Raised Beds

Raised beds make your vegetable garden look clean and part of the landscape. Usually, raised vegetable beds are only a few inches from the ground but that shouldn’t stop you from taking it higher up. This way, you can protect your veggies from wildlife that may be interested in them.

#6. Vegetable Room

A vegetable room can also mean greenhouses, dedicated only for edible plants. The humidity in greenhouses is ideal for the healthy growth of vegetables. Your greens tend to thrive more inside than when they’re in an open space. Having a greenhouse filled with vegetables will also add beauty to your yard.

#7. Table Garden

There are planting tables for sale and they come in various sizes. They may be portable and you can easily move them around but they tend to be shallow and are not suitable for veggies that need more space beneath the soil to grow.

#8. Green Wall

Got limited space but would love to have a vegetable garden? Putting wall planters is the solution. Other than hanging your plants via wooden planters on a metal frame, you can also screw them on the wall. If you need to grow your produce upwards, make sure you have enough space in between planters.

#9. Vertical Garden with Pipes

Another idea to save space with vertical gardens is to place your produce in pipes. There are different ways to approach vertical gardening, especially in homes with limited floor spaces. One of the DIY vertical planters you can go for is using pipes.

#10. Container Garden

This has to be one of the most common vegetable garden ideas. Putting produce in containers can be an opportunity for you to showcase your collection of unique and beautiful containers. You can be playful with container shapes and colors and place them on stylish shelves out on your deck or patio.

Which of these beautiful vegetable garden ideas do you like? Let us know in the comments below.

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10 Best Plants To Grow For Backyard Privacy

Plants can provide privacy if you don’t want the option to install a fence in your backyard. For some, backyard privacy is best achieved by planting trees or growing shrubs and vines. Not only does it screen your backyard from nosy neighbors or prying eyes but it also adds beauty to the property.

Gardening plants are used for different reasons but mostly, they are used to enhance the appeal of your front or even backyard. These plants can offer the privacy you need. And if you just don’t want the unsightly rundown house next door, growing plants, instead of constructing a high wall or fence, is a better alternative.

Before deciding to plant trees and shrubs for backyard privacy, it’s best to do your research firsthand and know the different plant options that you can grow. Top House Designs brings you 10 of the best plants for backyard privacy.

#1. Cacti

Give your backyard a modern twist by planting cacti. It’s perfect when you’re situated in an area with hot, dry climate.

#2. Boxwood

When you need a gorgeous evergreen plant for pots and planters, boxwood will be a great choice. If you don’t really need a really tall plant for some backyard privacy, you don’t need to wait long enough for the boxwood to grow tall and get your desired fence.

#3. Artificial boxwood

If you don’t have time to grow those hedges for your backyard, or you don’t want to spend for its maintenance and upkeep, go for artificial plants.

#4. Bamboo

Bamboo is evergreen; it’s sturdy and can withstand harsh temperatures, even in the cold. It’s fast-growing so it makes a great plant to screen your backyard.

#5. Privet

When choosing privet as a backyard privacy plant, consider the space you have since privet may take time to grow into lush hedges. Hire a landscaper in this case.

#6. Italian Buckthorn
Plants not only beautifies your property but can offer backyard privacy

This lush hedge will grow fast and in an upright position, which makes it great to screen your backyard. This is one of the best evergreen plants to go for.

#7. Vines

If you already have a fence installed but it seems not enough for giving some privacy to your property, add in some vines! A good vine is Clematis, which grows quickly and is able to produce blooms that will enhance the appeal of your backyard.

#8. Arborvitae

Arborvitae is great if planted with other species. Achieve that lush backyard garden with arborvitae and other trees and shrubs like boxwood.

#9. Cypress Trees

Cypress grows tall and narrow, which makes it a great plant fence, instead of traditional wooden fence. Plant them in rows and you’ll have elegant nature scene in your backyard.

#10. Photinia

This evergreen shrub offers just enough coverage for that privacy you need for your backyard. Photinia is a common choice for a screening fence alternated with Dodonaea.

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