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Living Room

15 Living Room Storage Ideas To Minimize Clutter

Get rid of clutter with these clever living room storage ideas.

Working to have a proper living room storage is perfect if you want to minimize clutter in that part of your home. After all, nobody wants a messy living room, especially when guests are planning to come over. Whether you have a big or small living room with minimalist or fancy, elaborate decorative elements, it remains to be the most public rooms in your house. That means having clutter is a big no-no.

Opting for smart storage spaces doesn’t mean that there is a need to sacrifice decor. The key to designing a living room that minimizes clutter is to choose furniture pieces or other decors that still function as a storage space. 

Since more people are now opting for a clutter-free space, many companies are manufacturing multi-functional furniture intended for such purpose. Need a coffee table in the middle of the room? Ditch the usual ones and go for one that has built-in shelves and drawers. 

If you’re into rustic styles, there are plenty of options to beautify your living room, and at the same time, making sure that you can still display your favorite decorative pieces without making the room look untidy.

There’s always the right piece to make sure you have a living room storage that helps minimize clutter. Just check out these beautiful living room storage ideas you can steal.

#1. Go for multi-functional furniture
#2. Built-in drawers in benches 
#3. Got firewood? Display them!
#4. Style and store with baskets
#5. Use a rustic cabinet to display possessions
#6. This stylish ottoman has three functions!
#7. Nesting tables are great for small rooms!
#8. More tabletop surface (or seating surface) in this sturdy nesting table
#9. Floating shelves are clever!
#10. That’s smart living room storage unit right there!
#11. Make your living room look cool but still clutter-free with free-standing shelves.
#12. Space under the stairs always works as a space-saving solution.
#13. Awesome wall-mounted drawers!
#14. Put bins and boxes under a console table
#15. A storage unit under a mounted TV is a must these days.

What do you think of these clever living room storage ideas?


Best Home Extension Ideas To Maximise The Potential Of Your Unused Space

Transform your home by utilizing your extended space with these house extension ideas.

Looking for the best house extension ideas? If you are planning on extending your home, then you will need to research what kind of house extension you want to build. These best home extension ideas will provide loads of design inspiration to help you create the best addition for your home and to get your project off the ground.

One of the most popular building projects for homeowners, the home extension can create a big open-plan living space for cooking, dining and lounging. As well as adding more space it can also increase the value of your home, if you decide to sell, too.

House extensions offer a brilliant solution to households that are a little stuck for space. Whether you’re not quite ready to move house altogether but need more room to get you through the next few years, or if you want to turn your house into your forever home by maxing out its potential, these best home extension ideas are perfect for you.

Dining Room Extension

Kitchen Extension

Laundry Room Extension

Bathroom Extension

Lounge Extension

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Living Room

24 Gorgeous Ceiling Ideas for your Living Room

Tired of your boring, plain ceiling? Maybe it’s time to redesign. Check out these lovely ceiling ideas for your living room.

You may not have considered going through different beautiful ceiling ideas for your home. But turning your ceiling as a focal point is a great idea if you want to make your living room pop.  It is already given that ceilings are boring – but only if you let it be boring. You can do something about it, and it takes looking at the right design and talking to the right architect.

If you’re done with the boring white ceiling above your head, it’s time to take things to the next level and actually look for gorgeous ceiling ideas. Bring more life to your home by taking on this ceiling redesigning project. Check out the photos below for inspiration.

#1. A sleek and stylish room with wainscoting ceiling.
#2. Use white wood for a brick and beam design
#3. Playing with patterns
#4. Go for T-bar beams
#5. For a rustic and cozy living room appeal, try paneling
#6. Paint it with color
#7. A single beam can work wonders
#8. A drop ceiling is a great idea if you want to add creative lighting
#9. Want more dimension and character to the living room? Try a coffered ceiling
#10. A floral ceiling, perhaps?

An exposed beam ceiling is a popular ceiling idea that works well with different house designs. The great thing about having exposed beam ceilings is that it is energy efficient. It also doesn’t limit you to only one design – there can be plenty of stunning ceiling ideas using exposed beams.

There’s also the option of going for tray ceilings – which are also popular among homeowners. Tray ceilings make a room appear larger and more spacious, which is why they are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners with high-end homes. So, if you want a grand-looking home, tray ceilings are perfect. 

Check out more photos below for inspiring ceiling ideas.


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Living Room

30 Inspiring Farmhouse Style Living Room Ideas To Steal

Want some country living vibe in your own home? Check out these beautiful farmhouse-style living room ideas for some inspiration.

Farmhouse style rooms have always exuded a cozy appeal. It’s cute and it’s a favorite among families because of how refreshing it looks. Since the living room is a space where the family gathers and spends time together, it would only make sense if the area will be transformed into a comfy paradise.

Wooden furniture, organic materials, and neutral colors are characteristics of the farmhouse-style approach. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t incorporate modern touch to this elegant design. If you feel like your living room needs some upgrade and you know you want it to have a rustic country living appeal, here are photos to inspire you.

Farmhouse-style designs make use of neutral colors.
Farmhouse-style living room gives a warm welcome to your visitors.

There are a plethora of ways to incorporate farmhouse style in your living room. But a great way to start is to find inspiration. A good place will be Pinterest, where homeowners pin photos of gorgeous farmhouse-style living room designs.

Once you have found the design that strikes your eye, it’s time to get the elements – a mix of new and vintage would be great. Vases look great in a farmhouse style space but if you want to really achieve that rustic look, go for vintage items, like a pitcher or flour sifter, instead of a regular vase


Of course, you need to remember that farmhouse themes make use of neutral colors. Avoid dark and bright colors. You need to go for beige, cream, or gray. You don’t have to stick to white, either.

As for other decorative elements, achieve that homely, country living appeal by adding wood decor. You can find many of these in a thrift store. Or better yet, you can make one yourself – that is if you’re the crafty type.

Farmhouse-style living rooms are perfect for the family.

You can’t deny just how beautiful these designs are! Which among these farmhouse style living room designs will you steal?

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